When sleep is what is needed…


When sleep is what is needed
And sleep it just won’t come
I lay awake for hours
And wish my mind was numb
But, thoughts keep digging at me
Ideas wild and clear
Begging my attention
It’s insomnia, I fear.
The hours tick by like weeks
The minutes seem to drag
I have to be up for work by five
And in the day I’ll flag
And feel like a nap by two
When I should be driving home
I’ll fight the urge, resist it,
No need, when driving, to roam.
I wish I had a switch
On a timer
To give me the sleep
That I am so desperately needing
But, I haven’t and so just lay here
Writing this poem
That you

3 responses to “When sleep is what is needed…

  1. Yes, I am reading now 🙂 To write a poem is a wonderful thing. But yes, we need sleep… I was like you, but I found my own solution, I started to play with crossword or mahjong, this makes my mind busy then I fall in sleep… otherwise with million thoughts I can’t sleep and I can’t stop my mind… In the past I was reading book but now, a word, a passage, or something in the book takes me to the depth of my memories, etc. and I can’t sleep then… 🙂 But of course this solution may not be for you… but the key is in here, to make mind busy… especially keep away from the million thoughts that don’t let me to sleep! Thank you, it was a nice poem, Love, nia

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