In My Life: Career Path #7

Asparagus with a delectable Asparagus Sauce

Asparagus with a delectable Asparagus Sauce

Many years ago, I was working as a waitress in Southampton’s one-and-only Asparagus Bar ‘Nothing but Asparagus’ – which was the truth; they sold ‘nothing but Asparagus’ – Asparagus Soup; Asparagus Burgers; Asparagus Fries; and Asparagus Ice-Cream; with Asparagus Coffee and an After-Asparagus Mint to finish off with.
I worked hard; the hours were long; the hourly rate low; but, the tips were good.

6 responses to “In My Life: Career Path #7

  1. There are many Asparagus restaurant, I have searched now 🙂 You can’t believe but I haven’t tasted this vegetable yet… yes, we have… but never cooked and tasted… It should be so boring only asparagus 🙂 Once we were on vacation at the Aegean coast and staying in a hotel. The menu (lunch and dinner) was with aubergine… We ate all vacation only aubergine… 🙂 It was boring… By the way I love aubergine… Thank you, love, nia

  2. This has to be a crime, only sparguss restaurant….that has to be depressing

  3. Lol – that asparagus actually looks good. When my dad attended Northwestern in Chicago, he bused tables at the Playboy Club to help get through school. I never talked about the … well…. I never asked.

  4. here’s a tip about asparagus….makes the pee smell funny…kind of funny, huh?

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