As I Travelled, The Day Unravelled


This morning the sun was a blood orange in the sky
I regarded it with many thoughts
As I passed by
And before me were a sheave of heavy grey clouds topped up with rain
And some began shedding their droplets upon the lands below
And there…
A rainbow.

3 responses to “As I Travelled, The Day Unravelled

  1. Short and sweet like a blood orange.

  2. This morning the sun behind the city hills was a blood orange in the cloudy sky.
    I miss the village sky, I know this now.
    The rain seems will be here soon, but the sun?
    I wait, as waiting for Godot…Does he come… I will never know this.
    I am, actually where am I… into the words, or in the photographs, or
    in dreams… If yes, why things make me so sad… Live your fairy tales in your world…
    Nothing, but nothing could make me happy
    more than a rising SUN.

    Thank you dear G, as you can see, your words inspired me… Love, nia

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