10 Crucial Lessons for Rhymers… from Monty Python

altheauthor gives us some quality advice via 6 men and half a bee. G:)

A Certain Point of View


We are all products of our environment. Some wear their influences on their sleeves; others may not even be aware of tapping into their formative influences. I grew up in the 80s with Monty Python, a child of Python-loving parents who mercifully spared me the sketches that didn’t work (there are many), but instead exposed me to the films, the highlights reels, the comedy albums (on vinyl, no less), the Live at the Hollywood Bowl fan-fest. And here I am now trying to write rhyming picture books and other entertainments…

Here are ten lessons that rhymers (perhaps storytellers of any stripe) can take from the songs of Monty Python. Some of the links are NSFW…

Have your main character do something unusual, that goes against type and challenges expectations. You’ve got a knight called Brave Sir Robin?

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One response to “10 Crucial Lessons for Rhymers… from Monty Python

  1. And within 20 minutes of my getting in from work the Liberty Bell (Monty’s theme tune) is playing on the TV – spooky! G:)

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