Putting together a poetry book

charlypriest is putting together a poetry book – I think it should be called “Stay Frosty?” What do you gents and gentesses think? G:)


This is hard, I thought it would be easier
nope, at least not the way I write, a bit strange right?
well if you can´t go right go left, that was my conclusion
didn´t make myself create a grand illusion. How the hell do I classify all
the poems I printed some time ago, i started reading them, and then
i thought, they talk about love but in between i throw in the dove and make
a sarcastic joke about it then it gets serious,or i talk about fighting in life
those are the more predominant it seem, but not to that ones i even beam.
Is not the typical wise words of fighting life´s struggles, since in between
the serious i write some strange random shit, maybe the next hit? Or they
are serious but is…..can´t figure it out, all that I spout.
I have no clue how to categorize…

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