New Forest Saturday 26th September, 2015

image image image

The New Forest felt particularly old, today; and parts of it decidedly ancient. Still, it would most likely outlast me.
In thirty or forty years time I would probably be buried deep or burnt to a crisp; whilst the forest would just be a little older, a little less sentient.

How morbid, I thought. But, realistic, I added. These trees have been here for absolute ages; some, for centuries – and the forest as a whole unbroken since William caused it to be planted. New it was then.

5 responses to “New Forest Saturday 26th September, 2015

  1. Without man, the forest would last for eternity…reseeding, new growth taking over where the old have fallen…kind of like life so to speak😊

  2. If that is where you say you walk the dog, has to be a pretty cool place to get ideas flowing in your head, no wonder you end up writing the things that you write

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