Scrabbling in the Dark?


Are we just Scrabbling in the dark?
Shining our torches on random ‘triple-word’ scores
In the hope that ‘quazajx’
Will win the game
Save the day
Carp the diem?

Or are we just pawns
On a chequered path
moving slowly towards a checkmate of sorts.

Are we orange Revels?
Or stale biscuits
Past our prime?

Are we asking Mr. Wolf the time
Much too often
As of late?

Are we just broken twigs
After the walker has passed by
One more remove from life’s journey?

Are we the sunset
Rather than the sunrise?

Are we nearing a conclusion?
Rather than asking those probing questions as we did long ago?

6 responses to “Scrabbling in the Dark?

  1. Too many questions…..but I´m a sunrise-sunset that´s my conclusión and I prefer to not probe more questions, the answers are freaking scary! Why do I still have to snuggle with a teady bear…..that has to be weird.
    This one was quite deep. You didn´t strike me as deep……

  2. … and are you ever going to beat me at Scrabble? Or will I continue to whoop yo ass? So many questions! 😉 x

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