An Interview with the Boss #MayInvolveNaughtyBits


Boz: You’re half-past decent!

App: Oh, you’re quarter-too kind!

Boz: Your CV is recent?

App: Is the Pope a Catholic? Does he worship God?

Boz: It is rumoured so. Not that ‘that’ is relevant.

App: Humour breaks the ice, I find.

Boz: Well, if you do use humour as an ice-pick, please let me know.

App: Right, I shall do just so. My CV is as fit as my Cardio-Vascular system. I work out a bit.

Boz: Always good to do your workings-out on a piece of paper, I find; there’s often a piece about.

App: I don’t follow you.

Boz: That is as it should be – I could well do without a stalker.

App: Ha! What I meant was, I ‘don’t understand all that you are saying to me.’

Boz: Which is exactly right when it comes to the relationship between employer and ‘potential’ employee.

App: I have ‘potential?’

Boz: I think that there is more a ‘potential’ of a ‘potential.’

App: Thanks. I am now glowing in the almost warmth of a nearly compliment.

Boz: I have to put you through this wordplay; if you pass with your colours flying I shall be in a position to think about possibly short-listing you for the long-list.

App: It keeps getting better.

Boz: You would start at the bottom and gradually work sideways.

App: sounds reasonable.

Boz: Really? I was thinking you would insist on promotion within a reasonable time scale… and wages.

App: Well, yes; promotion in lieu of my inevitable experience and enthusia- did you mean there aren’t any wages.

Boz: It’s like an internship in that you do lots of work for me (if I give you the opportunity) and I pay you with experience and the prestige of having been associated with me. You might even get yourself a job with all the graft to help you on your way.

App: I’ve gone off the idea.

Boz: The ‘idea?’

App: Yes, the ‘idea’ that you were a company I could work for.

Boz: I will survive without you.

App: I dare say. And I can think of a hundred companies that would ‘love’ to have me as a CEO.

Boz: You can?

App: Yes. I am already fully qualified to be one – judging from you.

Boz: Charming!

App: No, I certainly wouldn’t have to be that.

Boz: In that case… you’re fired!

App: You haven’t even ‘hired’ me, yet. Idiot!

Boz: No, you are right. I seem to be getting some of this wrong.

App: Yes. Tell you what; I’ll be the boss now – you be the applicant.

Boz: Very well, Miss Long-Stopping. But, as your boss I do take these scenarios very seriously. I shall have to… well, consider your position in the company.

App: And, I, as your partner in ‘our’ relationship, shall have to consider ‘well’ what punishment I can give a naughty boss who has gone beyond her powers.

They stood there covered in a sheen of perspiration and nothing else. Then, after a quick recap, carried on their role-play / love-making.

Boz2: so, Miss Happenstance, I think that I can put you to work immediately.

App2: You can?

Boz2: Certainly. Let’s get down to some business.

App2: Yes, Boss.

4 responses to “An Interview with the Boss #MayInvolveNaughtyBits

  1. Like the naughtiness….fun boss….

  2. They both sound like lovely ladies 🙂

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