Advertising Haiku #Haiku #SellYourself #SelfieHaiku

You can read my words

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3 responses to “Advertising Haiku #Haiku #SellYourself #SelfieHaiku

  1. I can read your words, sometimes it is so easy to understand, but sometimes I get confused. But you should know this, English language is not my native one and sometimes could be a problem for me. But I enjoy… I enjoy. Thank you great man, have a nice day, love, nia

    • Thank you G:) if you get confused by my writing then it’s my fault – a little silly sometimes and I make words up. Let me know what buts you don’t understand and I shall try and enlighten you. Take care, Nia -G:)

      PS what is your first language? (I hadn’t noticed you weren’t writing in it.)


  2. …. 🙂 You mean you didn’t notice that this was my second language? Should be nice for me, Thank you, I love this language, so much… my first language is Turkish… But since I stopped writing and reading in my own language, I can say now, not very well in my native language too 🙂 I was a writer… Then I started to write and read in English… even I wrote poems too… one of them published… but went slowly… anyway… I really love this language., Thank you once again for your help. Love, nia

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