A Walk in the New Forest (30-08-2015)

image image image

The forest awoke with a start
Ancient sap ran through mottled veins
Musty woodland life ventured into its heart
As a semblance of awareness regains

The brick-a-brack of a Sunday morning car-boot sale
Lays around upon ageless ground
Free for those who choose the paths
Into and across.
With ‘crack!’ under footstep
And ‘caw!’ from nearby
I enter and taste.


Leave Humanity behind you
Be less urban… urbane?
Tranquility seeks a follower
That to me is plain.


Old Man Forest
Old Man River
Mother Earth
Value their worth.
For Father Time
Is the only sure thing.


Branch meeting
Trunk call
I’m out on a limb
That is all.


So, my Forest fix is found
And, having to return to reality
I bow to the bough.
Until next time, my friend,
Stay well.

2 responses to “A Walk in the New Forest (30-08-2015)

  1. Trees… forest… they are my friends, my old friends… I loved to visit this forest through your words… every part of this poetical world seems as an old friend too. Thank you, but of course, remember, this is my second language and not very well as you, just I can catch the sound and touches coming from the heart… not able to translate correctly. Love, nia

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