“And another thing…” #Tanka

6 of 3! G:)

6 of 3! G:)

“And another thing…” #Tanka

Nope. Nothing else here;
Empty vessel; but, no noise;
Silence in buckets;
Which is in an abundance;
But, it’s too hot for dancing.

And another thing…
Why is the weather so mad;
It’s loop-the-loopy;
And shouldn’t this tanka rhyme?
Once, if not all of the time?

And another thing…
This tanka is much too short
By at least two lines.

“Oh, I see, it’s a haiku;
Well, that would explain it’s length.”

5 responses to ““And another thing…” #Tanka

  1. Love “silence in buckets”–I’m writing that on my “gems” list: a list of great phrases I keep with intention of “borrowing” them (with full credit/link to originator) for future poems. I don’t think tanka is supposed rhyme–isn’t that true of all the Asian poetry? I’m not sure, but I think it may be so…

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