Pink Shirt Friday in Oxford

It was not this person, but one like him (and many others as well)

It was not this person, but one like him (and many others as well)

It seems that pink shirts
Are the order of the day;
And just because you
Are wearing a pink shirt
Doesn’t make you gay;
But, wearing a pink shirt
With mustard coloured trousers
Is not
In fact I would have ‘lots’ of pink shirts
But, it’s not for me to ‘buy’ pink shirts
I’d just pop some new red socks
Into my whites wash
And hey-presto!
Pink everything!

5 responses to “Pink Shirt Friday in Oxford

  1. Oh my, you have me cackling with laughter!!! Yes, new red garment in wash with everything, is usually my “dyeing” technique too.

    • It happens – just words… This time
      Thank you

      • I have a couple guy neighbors (apartment complex) who are extremely particular about the way they do their laundry–and they think it quite odd, not to mention “wrong”, that I just throw everything in together. But when you have to plunk in 6 quarters per wash (and the same to dry)–it’s too expensive to be so picky! Hope you’re having a good weekend ~ Valida

  2. Yeah … mustard trousers and pink shirts are really OUT …

  3. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    It happens a lot here in Oxenford (old spelling) and today is another ‘PSF’ -G:)

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