“Hardly, Thomas Hardy!”


Hardly, Thomas Hardy (as Thomas Hardy): ‘She had the hard, half-apathetic expression of one who deems anything possible at the hands of Time and Chance except, perhaps, fair play!’

Theo Duncan-Thrush: Well, it’s hardly Thomas Hardy!

HTH: I never said that it was going to be exactly like him. In fact, I distinctly remember saying that it was going to be more of a homage to the great man; with elements of his novels and his poems liberally scattered amongst snippets of his life story in an hour-long performance that incorporated song, dance and the mime routines that he will always be remembered for.

TDT: It may have seemed like a good idea to you when you first had it; but, if after that you had realised what little demand there was for Mister Hardy and his tales of woe in distant Devon… Did you say ‘mime routines?’

HTH: I did. Little known fact about Thomas that he was a big fan of Marcel Marceau.

TDT: Wasn’t!

HTH: He was. They were both performing in the mid 1920s.

TDT: Marcel Marceau was ‘four’ when Hardy died.

HTH: And?

TDT: Hardly going to be a mine artist at four!

HTH: he started early.

TDT: Took his dog?

HTH: What?

TDT: Emily Dickinson. A poet. Contemporary with Hardy.

HTH; Whatever. I need to specialise. I can’t do every poet under the Sun.

TDT: Well, aim for just the one, then.

HTH: I shall. Good advice for once.

TDT: Any idea which one?

HTH: Ha ha ha!

Both: Hardy!

Both laugh.

HTH: I shall go for Thomas Hardy.

TDT: In mime?

HTH (mimes): Maybe…

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