“Welease, Wodewick!” (or ‘Wodewina!’)

From a cardboard box to freedom!

From a cardboard box to freedom!

We travelled the four or five miles necessary into the New Forest before we considered where we would welease W. Then we travelled a few more as we didn’t want to upset the picnickers in our first choice spot. We eventually (3 mins later) found the ideal place and W was soon to be seen (then not seen) in a wood-stack (if it ‘was’ a girl rat, we may have chosen this moment to rechristened her Joni Mitchell Rat – but, we didn’t) “Bythe time we got to Woodstack…”

Anyway, we have released W and mission Welease Wat was successful.

We we hope that the new home is acceptable; and have put in place. Mechanism for forwarding mail.

Enjoy your Sunday adventures, as we have enjoyed ours G & J 🙂

PS just have to explain to Rosie-Cat where W went to (but, not the exact location, obviously)

9 responses to ““Welease, Wodewick!” (or ‘Wodewina!’)

  1. Hahaha that’s awesome! 🙂 It seems to be raining rats today! 😀

  2. Well now she/he is having a good time, although I do hope it doesn´t come around my house, rats scare the bejesus out of me. Why would people have them as pets, like hamsters, why in the world does a person purchase a little rat and makes them run in place…..never understood that.

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