“There’s a Moose Loose Aboot This Hoose!”

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“There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!”

The cat brought it in;
Well, that’s my excuse
And it is hiding in the bathroom
Is this moose of which I speak
And I’ve learned something new today…
Who knew a moose could squeak.

It’s a Sunday, so I have the time I need
To capture the hairy visitor – one more mouth to feed;
But, Rosie wants to eat the moose
As Rosies often do
I think she likes the chase before:
A little case of Cat and moose! Who ever knew?

Now cowering in the corner
Afraid of coming out
Not a squeak for a while’s been heard
Nor any ‘Help me!’ Shout
That is from the moose
Not me or Rosie Cat;
We are made of stronger stuff
As I move the bathroom mat;
To uncover the moose?
No. So I cover my toes
I don’t want to be eaten today;
They start at the toes
And end at the nose
All in one sitting
They say.

I wonder if this moose is poetical
And has come to mock me again
I probably shouldn’t be thinking so theoretical
But, now, while I only have half a brain,
Seems like the right time to think so
Perhaps when I’ve woken some more
I shall be brave
Take the moose by the horns
And show the intruder the door
(Although I think the moose entered via the window not intruder door!)

All is quiet aboot the huis
Nothing was stirring
Nae e’en a moose…


5 responses to ““There’s a Moose Loose Aboot This Hoose!”

  1. I think it’s still there! Eek! x

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