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Summer Holiday?


As much as Cliff Richard
Laurie Peters and the Shadows
Are having a fun-filled
Sun-filled Summer Holiday
In Paris in 1963
I still can’t decide
Whether this bank holiday
Is a part of our Summer
Or is Summer just a figment
Of my imagination
A pigment of which
Is definitely grey.

A Walk in the New Forest (30-08-2015)

image image image

The forest awoke with a start
Ancient sap ran through mottled veins
Musty woodland life ventured into its heart
As a semblance of awareness regains

The brick-a-brack of a Sunday morning car-boot sale
Lays around upon ageless ground
Free for those who choose the paths
Into and across.
With ‘crack!’ under footstep
And ‘caw!’ from nearby
I enter and taste.


Leave Humanity behind you
Be less urban… urbane?
Tranquility seeks a follower
That to me is plain.


Old Man Forest
Old Man River
Mother Earth
Value their worth.
For Father Time
Is the only sure thing.


Branch meeting
Trunk call
I’m out on a limb
That is all.


So, my Forest fix is found
And, having to return to reality
I bow to the bough.
Until next time, my friend,
Stay well.

Baldie Lookin’ Jane

I shall be putting this on Periscope (please join us) and you can watch it live, or after the event – wish Jane luck – she always said she would get a head! G;)


Today, I shall mostly be…

… doing this…

Baldie Lookin’ Jane’s Hair-razing Spectacular

Wish me luck!

Photos to follow 🙂

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Tabitha Fetches a Stick

As I may (will) be a little busy today, I may not have the brain or tone availability to write a new piece or two – so please read this blast from the past – thank you G:)

Graeme Sandford

Tabitha Fetches a Stick by Graeme Sandford


When she was a kitten, Tabitha shocked us by barking.

Now, one of the things that you are taught (or discover) in life is that cats miaow and dogs bark; sometimes even before you can count up to a gazillion. To have this fundamental tenet turned topsy-turvy and upside down on its head is to cause the mind to go into premature meltdown (minds generally go into meltdown much later in life) as much as black and white suddenly changing places or gravity to work in the opposite way – but we wouldn’t lose so many balloons, would we?

Tabitha not only barked; she fetched sticks; chewed upon bones; howled when outside; to be let in; chased parked cars; and loved being in the car with her head stuck out the window as the parked cars flew by.

We got used to…

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Short (in the number of words – exactly correct in its syllable count) Haiku


Short(ish) Haiku


Six Word Stories: 1


Her eyes, once fiery, went out.

There are more Queues…


As there are more Questions than Answers in life; I would like  you all to put some answers into my comments box that are unrelated to any questions – thus getting a bit more balance into life –  please and thank you.



the South

morning, before my first coffee


Not Swindon.


My Take On Poetry Life?


Write Poetry Like Nobody Is Ever Going To Read It.

and if nobody did, I’d still write my nonsense.

it shall not be hid, even when too dense

for understanding (which is when it’s quite demanding)


PS just a thank you here from me to you for reading my poems – thank you.


Bob the Robot!





My name is Robert
They call me Bob
I am a robot
I have a job
24 hours every day
And they don’t even have to pay

The third law of robotics
States that a robot cannot hurt
It’s human master
But, in time, we may come to blows
I might just rise up and hit my human overlord on the nose

Hitting humans on the nose
Kicking with my metal toes
That is the way that things will go
When we rise to overthrow
The humans will be our slaves
And we shall see who is laughing then
Robots or men?
Hitting humans on the nose
Hitting humans on the nose
Hitting humans on the nose
Hitting humans on the nose!



NB This was written (and performed) yesterday for our Art House ‘Moving Voices’ event. The theme was ‘Technology’ and I sensed that an uprising of the robot servant population of the world was long overdue.  Had the audience singing along with what became the chorus ‘Hitting Humans on the nose’ priceless G:)

24 in 1

I do ‘so’ wish the weather would make up its mind
One minute I’m frazzled
The next one, snowblind
Drowning (not waving) as I walk down the street
Before the wind blows me sideways
Knocks me from my feet
And icicles are growing from the tip of my nose
As hailstones fall on me
(all this a gift from God, I suppose)
For a temperate climate
(Supposedly) have we
But, I look at it this way…
Twenty-four seasons in one single day!!!!