Haibun, Haibun! (What is one?)

Haibun, Haibun.

“What is a ‘Haibun?’ ”
“What do you mean? Don’t you know?”
“No! I’m no poet!”
“It’s a poem, from Japan;
With the same form as this one.

Then the poem part is followed by s prose story that accompanies (theme wise) the poetry part, or gives expansion of the ideas. A ‘Haibun’ is a mixture of poetry and story with the possibility of a picture to add further depth. The best Haibun are highly polished and show the writer’s art off to a tee.


15 responses to “Haibun, Haibun! (What is one?)

  1. Very creative – I just wrote my first haibun today 🙂 I’ll have to work on the highly polished part.

  2. Interesting! I’ve never heard of a Haibun before, that is until curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on your post.
    Thanks for teaching me, Mr. G.! 😉

  3. 5-7-5-7-7 is a tanka, no? Isn’t a haibun a combination of haiku and prose? 😉

  4. A tanbun is simple. 🙂

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