A Man Walks Into A Bar… (A twenty-minute stream-of-consciousness write)


A man walked into a bar…
But, who is that man?
And where was that bar?
What is his purpose in entering that bar?

We need more information. Detail.

Has he a name?
And if so, what is that name?
We shall call him… Monty!
The bar is in San Antonio.
And Monty is going in there to meet… Skimpy!
San Antonio in… Mexico?

That is better; we have some detail. Information.

Skimpy is late; she has missed the tram and will catch the next one.
Monty is going to think that Skimpy is not going to turn up. As of yet he has not seen that Skimpy is not there – he is still hopeful that she is sat waiting his arrival. He is not late; he arrives exactly at Eleven (as planned).

Skimpy is not Skimpy’s real name; but a nickname that she has had for so long that no-one (even her) remembers what her real name is.
Monty checks the bar again; his hopes fading.

Skimpy talks to an old lady on the tram; and realises that the old lady is actually her long, lost grandmother who has been riding the trams for nearly twenty years. Skimpy finds out that her real name is Edith and vows never to tell anyone.

Monty gives up and leaves the bar.

Skimpy gives her grandmother a bar of soap before she leaves the tram (you choose which one leaves the tram) and they all live to live another day.

Information. Detail.

There could have been more.

What colour hair?
Tall? Thin?
Religious? Educated?
Anyway, we have quite a bit more about our cast than we started out with.


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