Not thith exact moth

Not thith exact moth

Be he moth
Or be he myth
There’th not another moth
Ath big ath thith!

PEth – Rothie the Cat brought in a moth through the window thith morning and had great delight in chathing it around the bathroom while I got ready for work. Before I could rethcue it, Rothie took it back out of the window. That’th nature.

PPEth – it wathn’t a huge moth (there are bigger) but what’th a potht without a bit of exaggeration.


3 responses to “Moth(er!)

  1. I’m enjoying your archives. This one is dweetle brilliant. I hope autocorrect knows what that means, I’m sure I typed another word. Well, you can’t argue with autocorrect. I’ve tried.

  2. Thank you, Angela – I forget these posts, too. It’s good to read them again otherwise I’d think someone else had writted them. G:)

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