Ode to an Ode


Oh, Ode
How much is owed
By me to you
In debt I am, to the tune of…
Ode to Joy by Schiller
Who wrote the poem
And Beethoven owed
The music to that poem

Oh, Ode
If I should die, Ode
Before I can repay what is owed
To you
May I implode
From a man a la mode
To a lowly, ugly toad
Oh, Ode
I pray
That I pay back
Before I explode
One day
Upon the open road
Oh, Ode, hear me
If I should still be in your debt
When my body begins to corrode.

One response to “Ode to an Ode

  1. Loved to read this one again šŸ™‚

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