Truffles Have Feelings, Too!

Truffles (after hunting)

Truffles (after hunting)

“Hunting truffles out in India… yah!”*
A little more civilised than hunting tigers as they sang of in days of yore.
Shoot with a camera, I say.
Otherwise your children will ask:
“Where are the wild creatures that belonged here yesterday?”

Truffle-hunting in the forests of England is the thing.
Capturing a truffle by stealth and harvesting it for its nutty taste is a sport and a pastime that can’t be sneezed at or knocked.

What say you?

*from the song Hunting Tigers by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (1960s) from an original song of the early C20th.

One response to “Truffles Have Feelings, Too!

  1. They are still a fungus…not going there…ick, blah,

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