The Tale of Constance Truggle

As she would have looked (IMO)

As she would have looked (IMO)

Character Name: Constance Truggle

She was born into a family feud; not her fault, obviously; but, it didn’t help her with her upbringing that the intricate machinations of parents, uncles, older cousins, step-relatives (usually the worst) and siblings kept the climate either frosty or fiery in her surroundings.
However, Constance was a joy.
Never complaining about a thing, she was simply a perfect being,
That said, Constance was destined to struggle throughout her life in more ways than one.
She gave away all that she owned to those more fortunate than herself; and proceeded to live the life of a hermit in isolation and peaceful contemplation.
Constance died quietly at the age of twenty-seven from a wasting-away disease of the heart.
Mankind just hadn’t looked like saving itself; so what was the point for her to continue?

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