The Cluedo is in the title.


There is a solution
Amid the confusion
Of who, what, where and when
And even why…
Who committed the crime
So dastardly?
And concealed their involvement so craftily?
What weapon of choice did he or she decide upon as an apt instrument to use with evil intent?
Where did the dirty deed take place; and was that the location of choice?
When did this happen? When was the crime concocted?
Why did they do what they did to whom they did it and with what they did?
If we knew all the answers to these questions then confusion and illusion would be removed and all would become clear…
Is that point in time near?

One response to “The Cluedo is in the title.

  1. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    Breaking News

    Mrs White has been bumped off!

    It happened today in the Tudor Mansion kitchen, and was allegedly executed by a Dr Orchid who it is surmised used a Venus Flytrap that she had specifically cultivated in what seems to be a pretty hostile takeover bid.
    Tudor Mansion is currently resonating with the sound of laughter and the Police ‘Crime Scene’ tape cordoning off the kitchen is a sorry sight to see.

    Mr. Black, in a statement to the press, said that he was glad it was not him this time.

    Further news updates to follow.

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