Whilst at Oxford I Studied…


Me: Whilst at Oxford I studied Play-Doh.

Old Don: A worthy study, young man; the Greeks knew a thing or two about Philosophy. Herodotus, the famous Greek historian would have written a history solely upon Plato – if Herodotus hadn’t died when Plato was only three years’ old. Aristotle, however, followed Plato closely, in terms of chronology and had the benefit of living both during most of Plato’s life and (for a good few years) after it. Now, when it comes to the greatest of the Greeks, I must say that Plato is-

Me: Sorry, Professor, I must stop you there. I meant Play-Doh; the putty-like dough of children’s play (hence the name) and that Play-Doh is a modeling compound used by young children for art and craft projects at home and in school. Composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil, the product was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America-

Old Don: Sorry, Boy, I must stop you there… I just must; please go away.


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