The Bronze Medal Goes to…

“Hoorah! to Robin
Obviously they are fun;
And hoots are second;

But, haven’t you heard?
The Blackbird was only third!
What occurred?” he howls!

7 responses to “The Bronze Medal Goes to…

  1. In the U.S. Robins are synonymous with Spring, and would probably take first as well.

  2. So we’ve chosen a vicious murdering bully for our national bird? It’s bad enough that we probably plumped for our self-important red-breasted friend because the Victorians sentimentalised the robin as a symbol of Christmas. Yet I suspect that the main reason it has been chosen is because it’s the one bird most people can actually recognise.

    Couldn’t we have gone for something more imaginative? Where was the raven, for instance, that super-intelligent, glossy black gothic spirit of place, without which the Tower of London and the monarchy would fall? (Although that legend turns out to be another Victorian invention too, darn it).

    – From The Grauniad

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