Poetry Is a Game of Three Halves

Just posting a couple of things from yesteryear that you may have missed – hope you like G:)

Graeme Sandford

Poetry 2

‘poetry is a game of three halves!’


“three halves!” you exclaim.


‘yes!’, I reply.


“so, if that is the case, when do you have the oranges?”


in poetry you don’t ‘have’ the ‘oranges’, because the rhymes are not there…


…in poetry… we have ‘limes’.


“okay! but what are the rules!”


the rules? they are many, and they don’t suffer fools.


gladly will I tell them to you, it will pass a moment or two


before my muse calls and the answer-phone kicks in.


“do your poems have to rhyme?”


all the time! or, not at all…. or when they like!


it’s a matter of style.


for some, the rules of poetic form are a guide,


behind and beyond which they can hide.


others decide to flaunt the rules,


taunt the tools of a decent…

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