How Goes The Day?

J. S. Goldsack

J. S. Goldsack

We talk via text

When apart

Each hard at work

But, taking a moment to touch

Across the miles.


We think via empathy

And the pathway spanning my mind is a well worn route

From your crossings and recrossings;

You know the way.

But, sometimes, when apart, we wobble

Because, sometimes, we are human jellies

And it is what we do.


Here, I say, never fear,

We shall be back in arms


Soon, my dear.

12 responses to “How Goes The Day?

  1. Jane Goldsack – that’s me! Xxxxx

  2. 100% correct – G;) x

  3. Reblogged this on Jane's Musing and commented:
    How can I not reblog this ๐Ÿ’–

  4. ready with the WD40..good thinking Jane

  5. Now I really have to wonder where Jane is and how the WD40 will be employed…so versatile it could be anything ..

  6. Squeaky chair and door! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wet points in the distributor cap.

  8. I was in my office – looking a little shell-shocked and nervy because I had an interview at 3 (same company, better job).

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  10. Is that a current interview for Jane?

    • Yes, Jane is a media guru! She can cut mustard, too! G:)

      • I recall an magazine advertisement for a company who sold linoleum. They had a picture of a broken jar of mustard resting in pieces on their linoleum. All the caption read on a full page add was, “The type of linoleum that you can poupon, for years to come”. I am sure that Jane is able to cut the mustard with the finest of finest in her industry. Thanks Graeme! :o)

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