Upon Waffles and Waffling (NB There are no ‘waffles’ just a lot of waffling).


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Yes, indeed;
Where shall I start?
Firstly, and formostly,
I need to correct the poetical formatting that is my current
‘Default Mode’ as this is prose.

There! That is better, is it not? And here I would just like to say that it looks likely to me that ‘rhetorical’ questions always seem to be desirous of an answer. Who’d have thought that could be the case?

Who, indeed?

And (moving on swiftly) this being prose, I would like to discuss a most serious matter. But, me being me, I am very unlikely (indeed) to be able to do so.

I have the shallow thought process of a blunt scythe cutting butter. Excuse my imagery, please. That was not really thought through, but I shall leave it anyway – as it bears out my initial statement from within as from without.

Is this still making sense?

Did it ever?

Exactly. You can tell when I have no set theme to follow: can’t you?

You can? Go you!

Random stream-of-consciousness writings do tend to be… well, random.

Don’t they?

If you could answer all the questions ever posed would that leave you dated or insatiable?


PS Do I sign off with the ‘Discuss’ method too often? Does it lose its impact after the third time? Why?


3 responses to “Upon Waffles and Waffling (NB There are no ‘waffles’ just a lot of waffling).

  1. At the beginning.
    Weren’t you listening? Me.
    No. You lost me at the picture.
    Indeed. Thank you.
    Yes, dear.
    Insatiable, always.
    No comment.
    Not applicable.

  2. The picture was suggested by the title; the title was suggested by my waffling in the prose; the prose was suggested by all manner of stuff, including the waffles we had lasternight; the waffles lasternight were suggested (above a recommendation for Chocolate Brownies) by hunger; hunger was.. well, it just was… and is… and always shall be.

    Discus: A round throwing object.

    Discuss: If you like.


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