5 x 5 = – #NaPoWriMo


Five square…
Five squared, is what I meant
But, not what I wrote.

And that equals…
Twenty-five, is the answer
But, not the question.

Does that equate?
“To what? The Equator?”
That is just the Earth’s belt
Not the sum of two numbers multiplied.

Are you stupid or something?
“Can you expand on the ‘something’ option?”
It’s a simple choice
And I know which one it is.

And five squared is…
“The sum of all Evil?”
It is twenty-five,
As is negative five squared!


Never mind;
We’ll start again at one plus one
“No! I’m done with the Math!”
“Whatever! I’m done with all this Edumacation.”
And I think it’s done with you.
“And is this supposed to be a poem?”
Ah! You got me there!
“And you think I’m dumb.”

2 responses to “5 x 5 = – #NaPoWriMo

  1. You have 25 combinations of ‘no’ in this ‘poem’ 🙂 Just sayin’ J;)

  2. 1 x 3
    1 x 5
    2 x 7
    1 x 8
    2 x 10
    1 x 13
    2 x 15
    2 x 17
    1 x 18
    2 x 20
    1 x 23
    2 x 28
    1 x 29
    1 x 30
    2 x 31
    2 x 33
    1 x 34

    You’re welcome 😉 x

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