In the 21st Century – #NaPoWriMo

In this 21st Century
They say that ‘Noir’ is the new ‘Black’
I think that, in my education,
I sense a due lack
Is it not a case of black (or ‘Noir’) and white (‘Blanc’)?
There are many shades in between – they say – of grey
(But, probably not ‘exactly’ 50)
‘They’ may be right.
Monochromatic hues would create a significantly less flamboyant rainbow society.
That was a line of prose within a poetic format – fancy that!
Without colour the sky would dim; the landscapes fade and humanity become a weak and watery profanity – such insanity in a world where beauty is ignored, missed or taken for granted.
Where, in the 21st Century, was the last seed or bulb ‘you’ planted?

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