Day 13 – #NaPoWriMo – on the 13th day of…


  1. image
  2. On the thirteenth day of…
  3. Well, it had been a rather hectic festivity
  4. And we, For all our energetic efforts,
  5. Had not come out of it whiter than…
  6. Well, white, to be exact;
  7. It was a fact
  8. That we lacked
  9. Tact.
  10. Let me explain.
  11. The ‘we’ that I have mentioned is ‘I’
  12. That is ‘me’ and one other
  13. Who shall (for the sake of his reputation)
  14. Remain as nameless
  15. As he is aimless – Yet he is a good friend of mine
  16. Still. And, for the sake of clarity we will call him…
  17. Will!
  18. Will and I had been writing a
  19. What do you call it?
  20. Oh, yes, a play…
  21. With words…
  22. And characters…
  23. To speak them;
  24. It was what we did.
  25. Well, Will is still just a kid.
  26. I’m kidding (still to save his reputation) he’s about forty,
  27. With a grey beard, ginger sideboards and legs thin,
  28. Arms, skin, etc.
  29. As much like you as can be.
  30. But, entirely the opposite to me –
  31. Well, I do have legs and arms and skin, etc. but, we were
  32. And are Indifferent To our differences;
  33. Or so Will says,
  34. As do I – let’s call me Ned;
  35. It’s not my name but will do Instead.
  36. Will and Ned were engaged
  37. No – not like that;
  38. They were engaged
  39. In writing s play.
  40. No – that is wrong;
  41. As is most of this – they were
  42. Writing a song;
  43. Much easier;
  44. Less cheesier
  45. And shorter.
  46. It took them (us!)
  47. An hour and a quarter…
  48. Of the way through we decided
  49. We had
  50. Had Enough-
  51. Will took this tough;
  52. But realised that
  53. We were never going to replace
  54. The original
  55. And to save face
  56. Which we all try to do
  57. We gave up the ghost of Hamlet’s father
  58. And accepted that our talents
  59. Would not sway the balance
  60. When it came to such a classy tune As
  61. ‘The Thirteen Days of Easter.’
  62. We decided
  63. Anon
  64. To carry on
  65. Anon other day!
  66. Sometimes that is the best way.

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  1. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    This was when I had 3 likes for a post – I was so popolar! G:)

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