April 12th # NaPoWriMo – 12 Angry Men


Twelve angry men were buzzing around the place;
One angry man took the ague and he quickly departed sans grace

This left eleven angry men buzzing all over the scene
Of the crime;
One of the angry men turned into a statue and was deemed ‘no longer one of us’ by the rest of the crew;
And this left ten.

Ten angry men buzzing to and fro;
One of them sought absolution;
‘Boys, he’ll have to go!’
– this left nine.

Nine angry men buzzing back and forth;
One of them decided on ‘South!’
The others headed in the direction of ‘North!’
– this left eight.

Eight angry men,
Set out Northward ho!
One of them walked into a bar;
Started telling jokes;
The others shouted “No!”
(And left him to his fate)
– this left seven.

Seven angry men
Marching Northward fast;
Bumped into a polar bear;
Who ate the man who was in last…
– this left six.

Six angry men, they reached the Northernmost Pole
One careless wanderer fell headfirst into a cold and icy hole
And was never seen again (which is often what happens when you don’t watch your step in the Northern wastes – you have to keep your wits about you, if you want to stay alive).
– that left four.

Four angry men recounted their number – another one of them had gone! They never saw his departure – his fate they dwelt upon;
The mood was not that happy;
As had always been the case;
And one angry man went totally mad;
Had a lunatic grin across his face;
And went for a swim with a seraphim (he died from hyperthermia, you see)
– and this left three.

Three angry men,
Not too pleased with the situation,
Decided to draw lots,
To see who would go out for maybe some time,
And who would clean the pots;
Oates, he volunteered to lessen the crew
By another crew-member
– this left two.

Two angry men
Wondered why they were angry;
Had a discussion of sorts;
Proposed a duel
Because of a lack of fuel;
“Pistols at dawn!” Such good sports!

And six months later one more bit the dust (sorry, ‘snow’)
This left one;

One angry man
Alone and going without
Food and drink
Began to shrink
Then disappeared
In the blink of an eye;
That man…

– that left none!

The moral of this tale?

Don’t get angry – it leads to nothing.

2 responses to “April 12th # NaPoWriMo – 12 Angry Men

  1. This is beautiful, I love this

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