My ‘King Richard the Third’ Sequence

Richard The Third has been in my life for many,many years – I studied him in History and Literature – I wrote a few poems along the way. G:)




On Bosworth Field – (GRS – 22-08-1994)

On Bosworth Field the battle raged,

But treason took an active hand;

William Stanley waded in – the battle gauged –

While fleeing Percy reached his land.

Richard, the king, had lost his friend,

For, ‘Jockey of Norfolk’ was dead.

“Treason”, he cried, as he visioned the end,

“A horse, for my kingdom!”, he said.

Richard was lost, and fell at last,

While bravely fighting the man,

One Henry Tudor, who stood so fast

And watched as ‘his’ reign began.


Richard The Third Interred – (GRS – 12-09-2012)

A thought recently occured

about Richard the Third;

About where he’s interred:

and we have a vocation

to find that location…

location… location the third.

Hark, hark the dogs do bark,

Our King Dickie’s having a lark

hiding all this time under a car park

in the city of Leicester,

where his…

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