How the days can differ


And yet, one day does differ
So much from another;
One week apart in time
But a season also now seems to separate the two
But, a reversal of the journey
From Spring to last Autumn
When sudden showers left me sodden
And now they do again;

No, these are not the falls of Spring
That approaching April promises; but the clammy,
Cold-swamp-inducing drops of a miserable day in November.

And, yes, I still hear the woodland birds tweeting


From their lofty shelters
As they look down upon me in my ‘inappropriate’ trainers.

The breeze is not what we hear today;
A gusting wind that trembles like a thunder;
And, the clouds ‘lower’ as in Shakespeare’s third Richard
Leaving me under no impression
That the Sun will get a look in today.

Roll on the Glorious Summer.

2 responses to “How the days can differ

  1. Home is where the warm is
    Come back to me
    The heat of my heart
    Burns like the summer sun
    My breath gentle as a spring breeze
    To whisper sweet nothings

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