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Prompt: Fix (@baffled)


    Prompt: Fix @baffled

If you can’t fix it;
Then it’s probably the best
‘Not’ to break her heart.

An Act of (Poetry) Creation #1


Prompt: Feisty (@HeartSoup)


    Prompt: Feisty

Boy, was she feisty;
Man, one hell of a woman;
She was a “Hello, Boys!”
Sort of girl;
Put my head in a whirl


Jane’s voice, whether read or heard, has a magical feel – g:)


You used to have the gentlest of hearts
Free of limitations
A bird with rainbow feathers
Soaring high, swooping low
Never losing control
You used to be a friend to all
Showering love with no restrictions

What happened to you?
Did they take your soul?
Did they trap you in a gilded cage and lock the door?
You know you have the key
The key to set your passions free
To fly again in harmony with all that is and all to be

Let the music play; nay, play the music
Let everybody hear the songs of your desires
Burn your past and present hurt on searing pyres
Feel and feed your hungered fires
And be

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Prompt: Prepare (@baffled)


    Prompt: Prepare (@baffled)

“Prepare for battle;
Gird your loins – or similar;
Strike with hot irons!”

Prompt: Eyelash


    @HeartSoupPoems (Eyelash) #mpy

Your eyes are framed
With exquisite lashes
One look from you
And my heart crashes
Please, look my way again.


    Prompt: Evocative

Evocative, she was; why?
Why? just because;
Because, she could be
Could she be otherwise?
Not to me.

What the Poets Did


    What the Poets Did

The poets ate ‘all’ of my pesto;
They said it was the besto;
But, then again, ‘they’ would.

#mpy ;prompt: together)

We are as one
Through bad times and fun
Together we rise
Together we fall
One and all
Dream of blue skies

Prompts #haiku

    Haiku Prompt: Low

“How low, how low, how-”
“Are you trying to limbo?”
“Do what?”
“Never mind.”

    Haiku Primpt: Blade

“It cuts like a knife.”
“There is a reason for that.”
“It ‘is’ a knife.”