Ward’s Thesis


Ed: This Dissertation of yours…
Ward: Yes?
Ed: You’ve called it ‘You can’t blame a man for tring.’
Ward: Yes.
Ed: can’t you see the error?
Ward: Yes. Um… no.
Ed: ‘Tring!’ ‘Tring!’
Ward: Hold on, I’ll just answer that.
Ed: no, you numbskull, ‘Tring!’ It should be ‘trying’ like ‘you’ are.
Ward: Oh! No, it’s absolutely correct – it’s Tring the place… In Herefordshire.
Ed: Really?
Ward: Yes.
Ed: And truly?
Ward: Yes, again. It’s about the town-planner of tring; and how the people blamed him for the whole farrago that the town is; when it’s not really his fault.
Ed: Oh!
Ward: A most excellent case study it has been.
Ed: Yes. Do you know something, Ward?
Ward: Yes.
Ed: You are quite Tring; I am going for a nap.
Ward: Oh!

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