3 x 100-word Flash Fiction Stories


    3 x 100 Word Flash Fiction Stories


Born on the bleakest of mid-Winter nights, Lemuel Plain was never destined to live; his mother didn’t even last long enough to hear his first cry of hunger; but, Lemuel was determined to fulfil a destiny.
He nearly capitulated many times in that first cold experience of life; someone was watching over him and so he kept breathing and every day was a step towards the manhood that would make him famous.
He seemed stubborn enough to shove aside illnesses and fevers that took stronger souls than him; ‘he’ wasn’t going to surrender to an early demise – oh, no.


It is colder now than it was… Or will be…
That’s because it is Winter – and, as I am a living thing, I know that to be the case.

I have the knowledge of my past and the brain-power to realise that the future rotates in seasons – unerringly and with simple ease – and that the past will mirror the present and the future (when it comes to weather).

Whether that is an exact science or not I cannot say. I have no ‘specialised’ knowledge – just knowledge.

I shall have to live with that.

It seems the thing to do.


Does my story fit the criteria? Does it?
I need to mention winter, life and creation; I think I needed to mention those. – I’m not sure any more.
I have to check the rules: a hundred words I know that…
subject matter for me check…
hold on…
‘Living Things’ and ‘Winter’ that was just what I thought; now what can I possibly write about those in just one hundred words?
And it’s no use asking you, the reader, rhetorical questions, is it?
Okay, let me start…

In the Winter living things can survive by a number of methods.

That’s good.

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