An Ode to an Anode Ode


An Ode to an Anode Ode

Oh, Anode Ode
How much is owed
To your creation?
The answer is: little;
Or nothing.
Which is to say
That your worth
Is not measured in mere amounts;
It is your very being that counts
For, without you, there would be a space in my dictionary
And a lack in my life;

Although, I speak here of the words that spoke of your worth
Rather than of you, yourself.
As, you existed long before I;
And ‘I’ long before the words
That I wrote upon you –
If that makes sense of our mirth
And I here use the Earth
As my playground
It is the best place for writing upon
Electrical devices
That ‘I’ have so far found.
And the ‘only’ one
There is
I’ll be bound.
Oh, Anode Ode,
How much is owed?

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