April the 21st -@NaPoWriMo2014 – Dabble by Graeme Sandford

As my work has hindered my word I shall repost this for my followers new and not quite so new – enjoy – G:)

Graeme Sandford

I dabble

I do

It is something that I do ‘do’

in poetic form

It is my Norm.


it states in my contract

That I must write fine lines of rhymes at frequent times

not that I do that

I just write some old tat

and pass it of as a poetic piece – oh, desist,


who will know the difference between that and proper poetry – I know I don’t.

and I’m sure you won’t.

There there, don’t despair

If you think that there should be something there

It may not be too late for me to share my words of wise wisdom

Or it may be exactly a moment too late.

he who hesitates is lost

and I am at a loss to explain

what these words contain

They just leak from my brain.

And make no sense at all.

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