The Kinkajou


The Kinkajou is a lonely sort
Never signals left when it comes into port
Just won’t listen to the things it’s told
Turns off the heating; then wonders why it gets cold

Doesn’t give a hoot when he’s in his car
Poops in the water when he goes to the spa
Holes in his socks, only wears one shoe
Took out all the pages from a book of who’s who

Cheeky little chappie
Funny little fellow
Hippy hoppy happy
Favourite colour… Green

The Kinkajou is a lonely type
He’s calm and subtle – ignore the hype
Sits in the corner, minds his own business
Doesn’t care for fuss; doesn’t crave dizziness
No, no, no, that’s not him; it’s some other mammal
He’s small and totally unlike to a two-hump camel

He’s a crafty one
Seeks employment
In others misfortune
And his own enjoyment.

That Kinkajou… is just like you!


One response to “The Kinkajou

  1. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    As there is a story about Banana the Kinkajou and I saw it; well, I remembered this. G:)

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