Peruvian Pachyderms

From a long time ago – re-blogging as I like this and it needs to be continued – G:)

Graeme Sandford


I was attending a worship workshop on-board a warship in Worksop… when…

Peter Pitter, Patrick Pitter’s patronising papa, pounced, then pronounced!

“What do you think of the plight of Peruvian Pachyderms?”

Momentarily nonplussed (and dumbfounded) I hesitantly replied

‘______________’ and stood there gawping like ‘a stock fish’ (Tempest A3S2)

“Thought as much!” he rejoined at my silence.

“Shallow people never run in deep currents!”

He always spoke in questions or exclamatorialisms (if there is such a word – and if there is it applies to him; and if it doesn’t exist, it should, and it would apply to him solely); and so my head took quite a while to catch up once I’d translated his words into plain, understandable, unadulterated, English.


He flounced off – well, actually he just walked away, but I preferred to envision him flouncing, as it gave me some small consolational amount of…

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