Drawing a Blank

Drawing A Blank

‘Life Drawing’ had brought out the artist in me.

My ‘flesh-tone’ pencils and paints were arrayed neatly before, and my pallet was salivating with anticipation. Then, a man-mountain in a pink cotton bathrobe of Olympic swimming-pool size proportions appeared – my canvas wasn’t going to cope with that.

“We’ll do some five-minute ‘posed’ sketches, and then we’ll move on to the hour-and-a-half ‘relaxed pose’.” commented Miss Louise Lewis-Lautrec.

I ‘white-washed’ my surface and poised myself as if looking for inspiration to arrive.

For two hours I sat there, focusing upon a small red vase off to one side of his shoulder.

A voice from behind me chirped, “It’s always tricky to get the form correct, Leonardo.”

“Yes, Miss.”


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