When the Cosmos…


When the ‘Cosmos’ drops twenty pounds into your lap
Does it cause your synaptic nerves to go ‘snap!’ ?
Or is it just ‘finders-keepers losers-weepers?’

It happened to me.
And, I know that I have probably lost far more money over the years, but I have fears that it may have belonged to somebody whose need for that note was much greater than that of an out-of-work poet.

I am soft on the inside and soft to the outside. I have a conscience and a heart.
So, I thought that I would just pop it to the police station (under-manned as a rule) and then thought that the funds would just go to the Secret Policeman’s Ball. I had the pups with me, so couldn’t hang around to see if the owner of the lost note returned. I burned with the question of what to do.
If I left it there then some other person would just pocket the find, counting their good fortune with the ease of “don’t mind if I do” as the rounds were purchased at the local later on.
I picked up the note – with thoughts of which charity to dwell upon.

And what would you do?

One response to “When the Cosmos…

  1. I would have done the same thing, and then if no one found, spend a little on someone else and give some away (have done this many times in the past…usually give some to a random stranger child at the ice cream stand to buy a treat etc) always makes me feel good, and then I find more….never ending cycle of prosperityđź’°đź’°

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