15 (Yet More) Variously Random Haiku (31-45)

haiku-poetry edit 3

Advertising Random Haiku 15-30

So many requests

About my haiku – but, hey!

I’m publishing more!


Jog Haiku

A Jog is the thing

To get my old heart pumping

But, I’m no dummy.


Work Haiku

Have to rise early

Then work all God’s longest hours

To earn but a crust!


Poem 6 for National Poetry Day (5th Haiku)

“So busy writing

That I don’t read all your posts;

I apologise.”


One random haiku?

Short and sweet – and just for you!

Did you expect more?

Haikus for sale here –

Get them while they are still hot –

Or you may miss out!

Haiku are ‘today’ –

Limericks are ‘yesterday’ –

Sonnets ‘tomorrow!’

This is a haiku –

And these are also haiku –

A lot of haiku!
This is a haiku –

And there are also Haiku

A lot of haiku!


I do write a lot

And a lot of that is rot

But these are not – quite!


Prompt (about Christopher Columbus) 

Fourteen ninety two

He sailed o’er the ocean blue

(With Amerigo).


(prompt – what I saw when I woke up today)

Another day ahead;

My lady to get to work;

And haikus to write!


Prompt (shock) 

She ‘did’ wave at me;

I was not expecting it –

Sort of a shock-wave!


Prompt (fall)

I sheltered this fall

From the leaves falling from trees-

A leafy fall-out.


Sep 28: 25

Sleep will not visit

It shall not stay a short while

Never mind a long!


4 responses to “15 (Yet More) Variously Random Haiku (31-45)

  1. Lovely … lots of fun here!

  2. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    A year ago – I was posting Haiku by the dozen (or more) – if you missed these you were lucky – if you catch these this time your luck just ran our. G:)

  3. …. 🙂 I am lucky in any case,
    It is great fun for me to read your Haiku lines
    Once upon a time I was counting the syllables,
    5 + 7 + 5…. Actually I tried to give a comment in Haiku lines,
    but you can see I am t a l k i n g too much 🙂
    Thank you dear G, have a nice evening, love, nia

  4. “A lot of haiku” so that was a Haiku or haiku and Colmbus sailed with….. where do you get these ideas. Original you couldn´t be more, plus I had this face 🙂 a better lookin though

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