8 is an odd number.


8 is an ‘odd’ number
But, to say that, you have to do the “odd” action and say ‘odd’ in a… Well, an ‘odd’ way.

8 itself is actually an “even” number, but I still say that it is decidedly ‘odd!’

I mean, if you think about infinity – and who doesn’t? – it’s pretty big! Well, if you put ‘8’ on it’s side… You have ‘infinity!’ That’s pretty… and ‘odd!’ ‘Pretty Odd!’

Also, in addition, and as well… If you can just make yourselves a Möbius strip from a long, thin length of card – one is provided (for you to share) then given a little ‘twist’ and a piece of carefully positioned tape, you can have a one-sided figure 8 that has no beginning and no end – ‘Wow!’ I see you say – I have good ear-sight – ‘That’s amazing – and ‘odd!’ ”

Anyway, I also think that the number 29 is ‘odd’ – but, I’m not sure why.

2 responses to “8 is an odd number.

  1. You’re in your prime 😉

  2. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    If you missed this last year here is another chance to miss it – #JustSaying G:)

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