15 Various Haiku – Upon Such Random Subjects – As ‘Good’, ‘Style’ and ‘Intact’

haiku-poetry - info grae 1-15

My Haiku

This is my haiku!

Nobody else can have it!

It is ‘so’ ‘not’ yours!


Haiku Prompt: Sequel

What came before it…

Was the ‘prequel!’ The ‘sequel’

Came after it… fool!


Haiku Prompt: Good

“Oh, good dog, good dog!

What? Oh, no! Good God! Good God!

Do good, dog; do good!”


Haiku Prompt: Good (2)

Good, but not that great;

Goodness knows how I can win –

May Good be with me!


Haiku Prompt: Good (3)

Long ago, odd ones

In the realm of Virgo Odin

Did forego odd ways.


Haiku Prompt: Style

Climbed over a style;

A bit vogue about fashion –

I can’t make trends meet!

Haiku Prompt: ‘The Peculiar Life of the Lonely Postman’ (a newly published book)

The Lonely Postman?

‘How’ peculiar his life?

I’ll have to read it.


Haiku Prompt: Intact 1

In tactless comments

We often lose all respect

In our contacts eyes.


Haiku Prompt : Intact 2

“Tin-Tac-Toe! What the…?

“If just ‘one’ was different…!”

“What ‘Tin-Tac-Toc?”



Haiku Challenge: Intact 3

In tactful voices

Soft-spin tactics were applied –

First hint acted on.


Haiku for a duo

“Start wearing purple…!”

We sang it well, yesterday;

Today, I wear Grae!


Haiku Prompt: Force

The Force is,

And always has been, subject

To the Book of Rules.


Placard Haiku

“Recycle Poets!

They’re Biodegradable!

Bury One And See!”


Haiku Prompt: Shop

Old Chopin was Liszt

When he dropped his Shopping List –

His diary notes.


Haiku Prompt: Proud

“You have written ‘Prowed!’

“What on Earth is wrong with that?”

“Your first word – I’m proud.”


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