A Poem from Scratch – here goes…


I start to write and have to stutter,

What am I doing? to myself, I mutter.

A poem from scratch

without pre-planning?

And not worrying too much about the punctuation… the scanning;

Although I shall attempt to spell things right

Minor alterations as well I might

and any idea of a structure is lost

You’ll have to take it as it comes – I’ll count the cost.

For, if you make it to the end – or…

even this far; I’ll consider you brave, a hero, a star;

And maybe you’ll be inspired to pen something similar

Using your stream of consciousness

I halt. What rhymes with similar? Scimitar? Himler? No.

That was not a wise word to use – it caused a wheel to fall off

of this poetic vehicle – I clear throat, I cough, vernacular? Spectacular?

Similar has put a spoke in my wheels, a wall in my path,

And my silence reveals that I have no idea what to use as a rhyme…

I cannot Google a Rhyming Dictionary – no, not this time.

Similar is as similar does – but has it a rhyme, I don’t know

What rhymes with similar – I am waiting to show you, but…

Whilst I am typing, my mind cannot think, I’m cracking no nut

Of this crazy conundrum. A to Z I’ll scan through the letters

To see if that rhyme arises at all, or am I ensconced in poetry’s fetters?

Similarly, I have been here before with different words, that caused me uproar;

I cannot remember which words they were, but there are a few of them out there

Poets with me concur. Similar a b c dissimilar (no!) e familiar! will that do It’s a pretty good rhyme

I’ll not look for two. So similar is familiar and the rhyme it is true. I just need a lay down so it’s goodbye from me

and hello to you!

The end G:)

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