Limerick Lunacy for 12th September, 2014

Limerick Lunacy


There was a man from the Isle of Wight
Who thought one day “A poem, I’ll write!”
But, he used the same rhyme
Time after time… after time, after time… after time!
And so his poem – it just didn’t sound right!


The ‘Word of the Day’ is ‘Mosaic’
On which I shall be quite prosaic
Piece by piece, bit by bit
All together the picture shall fit
In a process that is largely formulaic.

The ‘Alternative Word of the Day’ is ‘Calorific’
As a value it is rather specific
Every morsel I eat
And every necessary treat
Add up to a total horrific.


At the risk of appearing somewhat rude

Here, I’d just like to say the word ‘Verisimilitude’

Of, course, not in context

For I would become vexed

As that would to my ignorance allude.


A Limerick walked into a bar

He was toting his busking guitar

He asked for a ‘C’

Was punched subsequently

He was well on the path to becoming a star.


A writer in need of a spark

Sat alone in the nude in the dark

His muse didn’t call

It did no good at all

And eventually he was banned from the park.



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