Haiku: ‘Thirty-One – the last one ever!?’ By Graeme Sandford




Thirsty-thirst Haiku!
No, I think I got that wrong:
It’s the Thirty-first!

‘Series’ of ‘haiku’
Nearly five hundred of them
In one short August!

What an achievement!
Hoorah and hooray, I say!
Yoiks and tally-ho!

The sound of silence
Comes back at me with such glee
That I check my pulse.

Still alive! Still kicking!
Kicking poems into shape
Probably square.

And have they achieved;
Are they of a lasting hue;
Or colour me mad?

What that means is moot;
These haiku don’t give a hoot –
Owls of derision!

Laughter emanates
From a poor poet’s mind-set
Unto the clear page.

Filling with comment,
That page, until it is full
Ready to be read.

But, lock it away!
Hide it from tender viewings;
Let it fade from sight!

You know, I just might!
I have been a writing fool,
I misuse my tool.

Creating garbage
When I could, with some effort,
Have created gold.

Or aimed much higher!
A limerick on day one;
Two on day two, yes!

That would have tested.
Getting rhymes and sense –
In a funny way.

Or ‘sonnets’ maybe.
Shall I compare me to Him?
I am no great Shakes!

He was such a one;
I am just a right no-one;
Scribbling poetry.

A humble being;
I know my limitations
And can count ‘seven!’

From one to there and…
back again – how cool is that?
That’s ‘rhetorical!’

I am but mortal;
And being ‘so’ know the truth-
The truth is out there!

I exclaim loudly;
Nobody is listening;
They have had enough.

Which is kinda rough;
But is not unexpected –
By a long old chalk!

So, as my dream fades;
And I return into air;
Into that thin air –

Like Prospero does
And as all of us will do
When our time is come,

I go, leaving space:
Where another can take hope
And vision’s soft cape

And with quill in hand;
Set loose the fair porcupine
Upon their blank page.

Well – that is it, then!
No more adieu (or ado(
As a friend once said…

Lots! But, hear I Him;
The convolution of Words
That fly home to roost;

And build their small nests
In the ‘arbour of my art!
Whatever that means.

So, I bid you go;
And not look back towards me;
There’s nothing to see.

Only emptiness;
And the possibility
Of a shadowplay.

And thus it begins;
At the point of an ending;
I say ‘Fly, you fools!’






One response to “Haiku: ‘Thirty-One – the last one ever!?’ By Graeme Sandford

  1. Lots of enjoyment
    From your haiku marathon
    Befell this reader

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