Haiku: Thirty. – One Hit-Wondering by Graeme Sandford




Saturday Morning:
Up with the proverbial;
‘Not’ singing the Blues

‘Woke up this morning…
Da dada da da!’ I sing
No, I don’t really.

But, the Blues are cool –
If a little bit ‘moody.’
The ‘Whites’ are ‘Whiter!’

A song in my head;
Happy and full of lightness;
Wanting to be sung.

“As I walk this road
With my eyes upon the world
I see no evil.”

And now the chorus:
“There are blue skies overhead;
That is what I said.”

Not the best chorus;
But, it will do for the ‘mo!’
Which word means ‘moment’.

But, you knew that; yes?
Anyway, back to the plot;
Now, where was I at?

Oh, I remember!
Something about me singing;
With a song I go!

The words they must fit
The music, and vice versa;
The music the words.

That’s ‘Shakespearean’
In its true simplicity;
‘Suit the action to…’

But, you know those lines…
And I shall not waste your time
Teaching egg-sucking.

So what key to choose?
Key of… Front Door! Hahaha!
Old musical joke.

Why did the singer
Stand outside of the front door?
I don’t know – why did…?

Because, he couldn’t find…
The right key and he didn’t
Know when to come in!

Old musical joke
From an old musician – lol!
Which is ironic.

Why cannot white men…
Sing the Blues? Rhetorical.
Or blue men the ‘Whites?’

Enough sad nonsense!
I shall return to the plot;
A song to be writ.

Intro, then verse one,
Verse two, into the chorus,
A ‘sing-a-long one.

Then to chorus three.
Not forgetting ‘great’ lyrics –
In the English tongue.

Building up passion
As we travel through the song
Towards the ending.

And that is vital;
Always remember to end;
Or it gets boring.

I think a guitar
For a driving riff of sorts
Would be a good move.

You must have some drums;
Real drummer or drum machine?
Well, you know the joke…

With a drum machine
You only punch the rhythm
In once – cue the drums!

There are other jokes!
They mostly involve the bass
‘Invisible’ man.

‘Not’ the ‘quiet’ man!
With his dull ‘plank’ instrument
Boom… boom… and repeat.

Which is not bassist!
As I am a bassist myself;
But, that, you can tell.

Lead guitarists suck!
Did I say that out loudly?
That’s because it’s true.

Unless they ‘can’ play;
In which case: they are the best!
Apart from singists.


I hope that this helps;
Your hit song will be the tops –
As a balloon pops!


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